Ultimate List Of Top Residential Places To Live in Gurgaon


We have compiled a list of the top residential places to live in Gurgaon. If you’re planning to shift to Gurgaon then you might want to check out the list.

Recently, we know ‘Gurgaon’ has changed its name to ‘Gurugram’, that definitely not going to make any negative or positive impact. It is still much popular for its modern lifestyle, innovation, open spaces, opportunities in business, and real estate.

However, for any newcomer, it is an alien city, where shifting is a big deal for anyone at the right place, and in the right budget. Nevertheless, despite challenges, Gurgaon has lot on offer.

So, keeping in mind the requirement of newcomers to Gurgaon, we have compiled an ultimate list of the top residential places to live in Gurgaon. This list is not holistic in nature, neither we have ranked any place in any manner.

However, we have given stars to each place taking into the account basic amenities, facilities, lifestyle, and benefits available in the region.

1. DLF City Phase 1

DLF city phase 1 is one of the best place to live in Gurgaon, which is adjacent to MG Road, and nearest to Faridabad and Delhi, and NH8 highway. Moreover, DLF city phase one is surrounded by upmarket residential colonies, landscape parks and open spaces.

Housing at DLF city phase 1 started from 1999 year, when large sized apartments, bungalows, and houses were norm. Therefore, it is one of the well-planned places in the Gurgaon as it offer peaceful, safe and posh neighborhood.

However, renting, leasing and purchasing options are extremely expensive. Therefore, if you can afford to pay heavy prices for housing then DLF city phase 1 can be the best option available.

Benefits: High-end living lifestyle and neighborhood

Landmarks: DT mega mall, Sahara mall, DT city center, Metropolitan mall

Rating: 5 out of 5

2. DLF City Phase 2

DLF city phase 2 is next to phase 1, and majority of the shape, size, colors and landscape are similar. It is also near to Faridabad and Delhi, and similarly surrounded by MG road and Cyber city. It is also well connected with NH8, IFFCO chowk, and the airport.

DLF city phase 2 has the best of both commercial and residential real estate in Gurgaon. Moreover, plotted development ensures open spaces, and two skyscrapers by DLF situated in vicinity. That again, anyone looking for premium and posh surroundings with nearness to commercial and corporate offices, then DLF city phase 2 is the best place to live in Gurgaon.

Benefits: Sikanderpur metro station is just walking distance

Landmarks: same as DLF city phase 1

Rating: 5 out of 5

3. DLF City Phase 5

If you are looking for the top and world class living and lifestyle for residential real estate in Gurgaon then DLF city phase 5 is the place to live in Gurgaon. Though all prices at DLF city phase 5 are in the high-medium, luxury to premium price brackets.  

Almost all popular projects of DLF are located in this area. Moreover, it is the most secure and safest place in Gurgaon, where DLF city phase 5 completely gated, and has its own policing system combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits: super secure neighborhood

Landmarks: DLF exclusive floors, DLF Pinnacle, and Khatu Shyam Shirdi Sai Mandir

Rating: 5 out of 5

4. Gurgaon Sector 14

If you are looking for a Delhi like market and living, plus with peace and space then Gurgaon sector 14 can be your best bet. The Mehrauli road, MDI chowk, Gurgaon 17, DLF center, Military quarter, and Rajiv Nagar are adjacent to the Gurgaon sector 14.

In recent years, there has been an uptick in property rental and purchase prices in the Gurgaon sector 14. That again makes it a profitable, for anyone looking for long-term investments in real estate.

Benefits: spacious and peaceful

Landmarks: OM sweets and central market

Rating: 4 out of 5

5. Gurgaon Sector 15

Gurgaon sector 15 has two parts both are adjacent to each other, and popular for Google India office. National Highway 8 is adjacent to the Gurgaon sector 15 making it easier to travel to Delhi and vice versa.

At Gurgaon sector 15, with green belt attached alongside NH8, top offices, commercial spaces and malls it is one of the top posh places in Gurgaon to live. If you are looking for a not just spacious place but also an upmarket and connected place in Gurgaon then Gurgaon sector 15 should be on your list.

Benefits: easier connectivity to NH8

Landmarks: Google India office, and Gurgaon Sector 15 Part II market

Rating: 4 out of 5

6. Gurgaon Sector 21

Gurgaon sector 21 is adjacent to Gurgaon Palam road (old Delhi Gurgaon road), and just next to Delhi border and Kapashera, Delhi. Much similar to other sectors, it also has open spaces, but apart from that, it also has many parks, wide roads, gardens, and large sized plots.

If you are a frequent traveler to Delhi, and still want to stay in Gurgaon, then Gurgaon sector 21 is the best option. As it has both premium to affordable range of properties here. Moreover, many top companies such as Accenture, Sapient, EY, and others have offices here.

Benefits: easier connectivity to Delhi

Landmarks: Hanuman Mandir, and Market on old Delhi Gurgaon road

Rating: 3 out of 5

7. Gurgaon Sector 22

Right next to sector 21, Gurgaon sector 22 is situated which is again adjacent to old Delhi Gurgaon road. Gurgaon sector 22 is relatively greener as it is neighboring large green landscape belt, moreover, Tau Devi Lal Smriti Udhyan add to the space and oxygen.

Gurgaon One is the popular project in Gurgaon sector 22, which is relatively expensive. Also there is an under construction project Ambience Crecacions in Gurgaon sector 22. Largely, housing are in Gurgaon sector 22A and 22B part, where you will find expensive to affordable properties for rent and purchase.

Benefits: Greener

Landmarks: Rotary Public School, and Tau Devi Lal Smriti park

Rating: 4 out of 5

8. Gurgaon Sector 23 and 23A

Gurgaon sector 23 and 23A are much spacious and popular for The Northcap University (ITM University formerly). There are many options for housing are available for anyone in affordable to premium price brackets. Moreover, roads are wide, and open spaces are greener.

Options for family outings and eating out are many because of many popular eating joints and restaurants. In addition, Gurgaon sector 23 has HUDA market, where you will find many mom and pop shops. Gurgaon sector 23 and 23A are lively places, where you will easily find peace, space and crowd.

Benefits: Lively

Landmarks: HUDA market and The Northcap University

Rating: 3 out of 5

9. Gurgaon Sector 31

There are very few places in Gurgaon, where you get all facilities, amenities and services, Gurgaon sector 31 is one such place. The locality is popularly known for the government housing in the neighborhood, and HUDA market in LIC colony that has many popular shops such as OM sweets.

There are many popular IT firm offices in Gurgaon sector 31 because it is right next to Delhi Gurgaon expressway, making it easier to travel to Delhi. Moreover, primary and high schools are easily available in the locality. Similarly, it also has open spaces and large-sized bungalows, apartments, and plots. Property rates in Gurgaon sector 31 ranges from affordable to luxury.

Benefits: Easier access to Schools, Hospitals and Delhi-Gurgaon expressway

Landmarks: HUDA market and Ajanta Public School

Rating: 4 out of 5

10. Gurgaon Sector 46

Roads cover Gurgaon sector 46 from all four sides, moreover it is near to NH8 that again makes traveling back and forth easier and comfortable for people living in the area. Apart from connectivity, schools and hospitals in neighborhood are also added benefits for living in Gurgaon sector 46.

There are large sized plots and builder floors available in Gurgaon sector 46 that come in the range of semi-luxury to luxury pricing brackets. If you are looking for open spaces with top schools, facilities and amenities then Gurgaon sector 46 should be on your list.

Benefits: Parks and Schools

Landmarks: Manav Rachna International School, BM College of Technology and Management, and Vishwas School

Rating: 3 out of 5

11. Gurgaon Sector 47

If you are looking for upmarket neighborhood, luxury lifestyle, clean and open spaces then you should once visit Gurgaon sector 47 for rental properties and for purchasing properties. The first thing you will notice about Gurgaon sector 47 will be the wide roads, large sized plots, and luxury real estate projects.

There are many options available for luxury to premium properties. You will easily find the best property with whole lot of amenities and facilities here. In addition, you will easily find the best deal for properties here from investment perspective, just research it thoroughly and visit the place.

Benefits: Luxury Living

Landmarks: Raheja Mall, and Bharat Petrol Pump

Rating: 3 out of 5

12. Gurgaon Sector 51

There’s nothing much distinct about Gurgaon sector 51. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more options in affordable to semi-luxury apartments, builder floors, and plots, then Gurgaon sector 51 cannot be ignored. You will easily find small sized to large sized properties in Gurgaon sector 51.

Sushant lok III extension is situated in Gurgaon sector 51, and apart from this, many successfully ready to move real estate projects are also available here. There is no dearth of options, and top hospitals are just nearby.

Benefits: Top Hospitals

Landmarks: Artemis Hospital and Cyber Cell Police Station

Rating: 3 out of 5

13. Gurgaon Sector 54

Aravali range is right next to Gurgaon sector 54, which not only add to the oxygen in the region but also offer scenic view. Many top developers have real estate projects in the Gurgaon sector 54, therefore semi-luxury to super luxury apartments are easily available.

Moreover, large sized plots are available and with many corporate offices of top companies situated here. Recently Gurgaon sector 54 golf course road has been widen, and Gurgaon metro will soon be functional here as construction is almost complete. Therefore, from both investment and living perspective, we would love to rank it on the top.

Benefits: Aravali Range

Landmarks: Suncity Business Tower, IILM Institute, A/T Chowk, and Suncity World School

Rating: 5 out of 5

14. Gurgaon Sector 56

Gurgaon sector 56 is near to sector 54, therefore almost all features are similar here for it except Aravali range. There are large sized open spaces here, moreover not just developer real estate projects you will also find lot of builder floors and independent apartments.

Moreover, hospitals, corporate offices, schools, and a multiplex are located in Gurgaon sector 56, and it has easy availability of general stores and shopping center as well. In addition, a police station is situated here, which ensure that security is effective. The Gurgaon sector 56 offers good quality living in semi-luxury to super luxury segments.

Benefits: Green and Open Spaces

Landmarks: HUDA Market, Police Station, A/T Chowk, and W Pratiksha Hospital

Rating: 4 out of 5

15. Gurgaon Sector 57

Gurgaon sector 57 is popular for affordable to semi-luxury apartments, housing, builder floors, and plots. Moreover, rentals are also affordable, if someone is looking for PG, room or floor then you should be here. There are lot many corporate offices within and outside, and surrounding the Gurgaon sector 57.

You will also have many local general stores and shops easily available, which is not the case in most of the Gurgaon. Moreover, top schools for senior secondary to primary are situated here such as Scottish High International School.

Benefits: Wide Options in Properties

Landmarks: Scottish High International School, Golf Course Road Extension, and Brig Osman Chowk

Rating: 3 out of 5

16. Gurgaon Sector 82

The single biggest advantage of the Gurgaon sector 82 is that it is strategically located next to the NH8 and Dwarka Expressway, and it offer close proximity to IFFCO chowk metro station and IGI airport. There are too many upcoming, under construction and ready to move in real estate projects, therefore you get large price bracket from affordable to premium.

In recent years, property prices in the Gurgaon sector 82 had witnessed uptick, but last year prices declined a bit. Nevertheless, this year sentiments are positive and again prices uptick is being predicted in the region. In the nutshell, from both investment and living purpose, Gurgaon sector 82 might not the best but still good enough.

Benefits: Lot many projects

Landmarks: Delhi Jaipur Expressway nearby, and Vatika Road

Rating: 2 out of 5

17. Sushant Lok Phase 1 and 2

Sushant Lok Phase 1 and 2 is one of the most expensive places to live in Gurgaon both rental and purchase prices are high. Nevertheless, it also offer quality lifestyle, bustling markets, open spaces, large sized plots, investment opportunities, restaurants, and above all Kingdom of Dreams.

If you’ve big purse to afford luxury to super luxury housing in the Gurgaon then Sushant Lok phase 1 and 2 should be on your list. Many top localities of Gurgaon are situated nearby to Sushant Lok, and many top companies’ offices in the neighborhood. You will easily find top companies’ CEOs, celebrities and even cricketers here.

Benefits: Bustling

Landmarks: Kingdom of Dreams, IFFCO Chowk, and Galleria Market

Rating: 4 out of 5

We hope there are many more places in Gurgaon you may want to add to the list. Please use comment box below to suggest. 

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