Top 11 Real Estate portals in India in 2014

We’ve listed out top 11 Real Estate portals in India in 2014. We tried to rank real estate portals based on their utility, outreach, size, user experience, and affordability.
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Today, Internet is the prime tool for customers for researching about real estate properties before making their final purchase decision.

Therefore, to enable customers easily find properties and effectively make real estate property purchase decisions, there are n-number of real estate website portals on Internet.

To help you, find the best real estate websites in India, we’ve compiled a list of real estate website portals in India.

People who want to sell, rent or buy online can use this ultimate list or brokers, dealers, professionals, marketers, developers and real estate companies can also use it to build their business online.

Here it is.



Look n Feel

The website looks quite simple and basic, which enhances usability and accessibility for first time users, and makes the website faster. There are more than 33,000 projects listed on the website apart from individual residential, commercial and other properties.

Searching property on 99acres is smooth and easy, and you’re able to get the desired results instantly at a click.


Under the ‘buy our services’ section on 99acres, you can purchase three types of packages –

Basic listing @ INR 850/- for 1 property listing with validity of 3 months and features photo, media, map, and instant response.

Platinum listing @ INR 17,00/- for 1 property listing with 3 months validity and features of photo, media, map, instant response, video and preference in search listings.

Owner’s pack @ INR 6,000/- for 5 property listing with 1 year validity and features of photo, media, map, video, instant response, and preference in search listings.

Special Features

I personally liked ‘price trends’ section, though extensive data is not available and at time prices may seem flawed. But this feature is one of its kind that can be used by newcomers to get the idea about market price trends.

Apart from this, we’ve ‘property alerts’ that offers email alerts for your customized needs for suitable properties.

There’s a ‘home finance’ section as well, where you can fill up your personal details to get calls from select home insurance companies. You can calculate EMI as well here with EMI calculator.

Lastly, ‘Ask & Answer’ is a discussion section, where experts to sellers and buyers are actively participating in discussions or seeking answers.

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Rating: 4 out of 5




Look n Feel

In terms of design magicbricks scores better than 99 acres here with flat design. It also boast of 30,000+ projects listing, and property and agent listings as well.

You can sell/rent property, post your requirement to buy property (to get calls from agents/sellers), search in localities and use property advice section to get advice.

The search experience is good enough and search quality has improved. Designs make it easier to navigate and increase visual appeal.


There are separate packages for individual property owners, broker, agents and consultants, builders, and loan providers.

For the first timer, it might be confusing but if you’ve patient to read and understand then you will definitely be able to choose the right package. Unlike 99acres where you just pay for the featured listing.

I’ll also mention that to locate ‘advertise with us’ section was difficult as there are so many things on landing page.

Special Features

On the navigational bar, you will find ‘Luxury Homes’, where you can find all types of luxury residential property across major cities in India.

In the left hand corner, there’s ‘magicbricks exclusive’ box that contains ‘décor’, ‘property pulse’ and ‘luxury properties’. In the décor section, you will find tips on home decoration vastu shastra ideas and others. Property pulse section is basically for agents, who want to keep themselves abreast with latest news in real estate industry.

In the footer section, you will find ‘Real Estate Forum’, ‘Property Rates and Trends’, ‘Live Help’ and others, where you can read more content related to real estate, or contribute to the community on forum and discussion sections.

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Rating: 4 out of 5



Look n Feel

Indiaproperty design and visual appeal is one up against MagicBricks. While, Indiaproperty boast of 7 lakh property listings, and search is also quite smooth and clutter free.

The only drawback, it’s bit slow even for 2mbps speed connection. Apart from this, Indiaproperty works just fine for sellers, buyers and agents.


I couldn’t find one!

Special Features

The ‘home loan’ section allows requesting for home loans and calculating EMIs for the loan. In the ‘price trends’ section you can check for the price trends in the market, and historical data with graphical presentations in shape of bars.

While ‘property bytes’ is just a blog with whole lot of usable information for everyone, especially agents and brokers in real estate industry of India. The discussion section is named ‘ask at’, where you won’t find much activities.

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Rating: 3 out of 5



Look n Feel

The is one the popular real estate website that garnered much hype during its nascent stage that helped it to grow further. I must say, the visual appeal of is unmatched.

But as you know with heavy graphics, websites tend to slow down, but in this case it was not that slow.

With their positioning ‘real photos, real locations’, it instantly appeals to both buyers and sellers in real estate industry. As real photos helps a lot buyers to understand the appeal and value of property and help them in their pre-purchase research phase.


Couldn’t locate any!

Special Features

The unique feature on is the ‘data sciences’ option. No other platforms boast of such extensive data.

But people in real estate are usually not that tech savvy and number crunching, therefore, it has limited use for them.

Nevertheless, with such data, it’s great for large investors to choose the best location to invest in, understand price trends, and define attractiveness and potential of the location.

Moreover, is the first real estate portal to introduce map-supported property listing services in India. This innovation was disruptive, which soon many followed.

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Rating: 4 out of 5



Look n Feel

I don’t know if it was my connection or the commonfloor website was slow to open. The first impression – it just looks like a real estate portal should look like. Everything provided on the homepage, I must say it’s tricolor color scheme gives you more familiar look.

Recently commonfloor has been aggressively advertising on TV in order to beat the competition. The commonfloor website is quite a visual appeal, which is easy to browse, and users can easily reach where they want.

There’s a focus over property listing, therefore you’ve ‘list your property’ button in orange color (represents action) to entice property owners and brokers to list property.


There are no packages available, however you can advertise on commonfloor by going to ‘contact us’ section.

Special Features has tried its best to innovate; therefore, there is abundance of unique features. Few of them are ‘Advice’, ‘Site Visit’, ‘NRIs’, ‘Agents’, ‘Collection’, ‘Groups’ and ‘Home Needs’.

In ‘Advice’ section, you’ve real estate forum, real estate guide and realty news, which most probably brokers and dealers may want to use largely. However, there’s lot of content and juice for sellers and investors as well in forum and guide sections.

In ‘Site Visit’ section, you will find city specific projects with detailed data with real photos in it.

There’s ‘NRIs’ section, which is targeted towards NRIs who’re planning to invest or already investing in India. It’s highly usable for NRI, where they can find guides, how-tos and others for investing, buying or selling in India.

The most interesting sections are ‘Groups’ and ‘Home Needs’. In ‘Groups’ section, you will find groups of residents living across India, and you can also create or join one of them here. These groups aim to bring you the unbiased information for purchase decisions and feedback right from the customers.

Meanwhile, ‘Home Needs’ is a section to find services such as Home Décor, Home Loans, Home Appliances, Community Needs, Health, Education and Lifestyle.

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Rating: 4 out of 5

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